Investment Services

A systematic approach

Our approach to advising you on your investments follows a systematic process that involves a thorough understanding of your needs, a portfolio constructed with carefully selected products, periodic reporting and regular rebalancing.


Client Profiling

Detailing your objectives, cash flow needs and risk appetite - Cautious, Moderate or Aggressive


Portfolio Construction

An ideal mix of carefully selected mutual funds, single line stocks, bonds and structured products


Portfolio Reporting

Periodic 360 degree reporting, monitoring and analysis


Portfolio Review

Regular reviews and rebalancing of your portfolio to suit our SAA, the changing markets and your risk appetite

*Private Banking investment risk profiles in Singapore are classified into 5 categories corresponding to the 3 global risk profiles as follows: ‘Income’ and ‘Conservative’ both correspond to the ‘Cautious’ profile; ‘Moderate’ corresponds to the ‘Moderate’ profile; ‘Growth’ and ‘Active Growth’ both correspond to the ‘Aggressive’ risk profile.

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Portfolio Construction

A well-diversified portfolio is constructed using a core of carefully selected Mutual Funds complemented by Bonds/Sukuks, Single Stocks, Structured Products, Alternative Investments and FX & Commodities solutions for enhanced returns on your investments.

Our CIO office offers efficient global multi-asset portfolios, differentiated according to our clients’ risk profile –Cautious, Moderate or Aggressive. Bespoke investment solutions are devised for clients with specific requirements.

Review and Rebalancing

Our dedicated Investment Advisors periodically review your portfolio and compare its performance against the benchmark and risk parameters. Taking into account the latest Tactical Asset Allocation, your Investment Advisor will discuss the below steps and suggestions for rebalancing together with you, to achieve optimal portfolio performance.

  • Performance of the Portfolio and timely amendments required
  • Risk and return analysis
  • Rebalancing against the recommended Asset Allocation
  • Investment Recommendation
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Funds Platform

Emirates NBD offers an open architecture funds platform across Equities, Fixed Income and Alternative asset classes that enables clients to create well diversified, global investment portfolios suited to their individual needs and risk/return requirements.

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